Parent Role

“Parental involvement is critical” – Shinichi Suzuki

One of the benefits of  the Suzuki Method is the Suzuki Triangle in which the teachers work together with the parents to nurture the children.  Here are some of the ways parents can work positively with their children and the teachers.

Parent Role

  1. Become Oriented
    – Attend parent discussion groups, seminars and lectures.
    – Read and discuss the main principles of Talent Education.
    – Understand scheduling and tuition policies.
    – Be dedicated to daily practice, and acquire some playing skills

  2. At the Lesson
    – Avoid talking to the child: it’s the teacher’s turn!
    – Bring all the needed materials for the lesson.
    – Take notes, ask if you don’t understand, and understand how to practice at home
    – Turn digital devices to silent mode

  3. Avoid the Typical Problems
    – Eagerness to “advance”
    – Making verbal comparisons
    – Taking over your child’s lesson
    – Discussing the child in his/ her presence
    – Supporting superficially

  4. Improve oneself
    – Learn to read music; perhaps learn to play
    – Improve your home environment; culturally, physically, personally, musically
    – Learn to enjoy your child’s learning process